WaspReporter volume 17.1

Special Issue: Guy Fawkes Day

On the 5th of November many Britons set fire to things and let things off. But why? Learn more about Guy Fawkes Day with this special issue.


Club: surviving high school

Freshman year of high school is not an easy thing. You are the little fish in a big pond, surrounded by new types of people, teachers, and experiences. Especially for someone going to a school with a bigger student population than they had before, high school can be very daunting... read more  



Jake Creviston, a nurse practitioner, has been repeatedly mistaken for a doctor. Glenn Fletcher, after being laid off from a lumber mill during the financial crisis, found a new career in nursing. And with it, “a really good feeling putting your head on the pillow realizing you’ve helped other people.”... read more



When her two brothers tossed a football in the family’s half-acre backyard one day, Amy insisted on playing. “Our other sister was a real girl,” one of the boys blurted out. The comment left Amy, about 8 at the time, dumbfounded... read more



President Trump threatening to ‘totally destroy North Korea’. Another hurricane lashing out. A second monster earthquake jolting Mexico. Some people say this are forewarnings of the looming total apocalypse. In this web task your are going to read about apocalyptic predictions of the past and how/why they didn’t become true and your are going to look into the future world and the possible end of mankind as we know it.