WaspReporter volume 17.4

Special Issue Spring Break

College students from around the US still descend on Key West, Fla., for spring break. But the visits to bars and beaches have been toned down by a fear of unflattering appearances in social media. Read more in this special issue.


How I caught the ‘black widow’ who killed my brother

When Phil Nisbet died in May 2009, the empty pill packets made it seem like suicide. But his sister, Lee-Anne Cartier, soon began to suspect her brother's wife, and eventually presented the police with evidence they could not ignore ... read more 



As the competitors in the 2016 Flycasting World Championships arrived at their hotel in Nelijarve, Estonia, some noticed a 12-year-old girl jumping on the hotel’s trampoline. The girl, Maxine McCormick of San Francisco, was not a tourist. She was their competition ... read more



Video gaming has been around for a few decades now. Once seen as the death knell for tabletop board games, they are fierce competitors in the entertainment market. A resurgence of board games is giving the online gaming industry a run for its money. Do this web task to learn more.



Going undercover in low-pay jobs, the author discovered a fearful and atomised working class that had lost its pride and dignity ... read more