WaspReporter volume 18.1


13 People Who Faked Their Own Deaths

John Darwin apparently drowned while canoeing in the North Sea in 2002. In reality, the Darwins were looking for a life insurance payout. People often fake their own deaths to get out of trouble, whether they’re escaping a threat, debt, or a prison sentence. Check out these notable cases ... read more 


On the evening of Dec. 15, 2016, Dakota James called his friend Shelley in a panic. He was cold, disoriented, and scared out of his mind, wandering the streets of downtown Pittsburgh, trying to find someone—anyone—who would help him ... read more


Almost 30 years after a horrific accident at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant released massive amounts of radiation and became one of the world’s worst nuclear catastrophes, the long-abandoned site has some new inhabitants. Do this web task to learn more.


The term gambler’s fallacy refers to the mistaken belief held by some people that independent events are interrelated. For example, a roulette or lottery player may not choose to bet on a number that came up in the previous round. Even though people are usually aware that successive draws of numbers are unrelated, their gut feeling may tell them otherwise. Do this web task to learn more.