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Pass the Cockroaches, Please!

Would you like to try eating cockroaches and grasshoppers or wouldn't you? Read on.

About 20% of the world population eat insects regularly. Why don’t we?

  • Datum 04/01/2015
  • Opdrachtnr 125
  • Leerjaar 4, 5
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  • Categorie lezen, schrijven, kijken en luisteren
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  • ERK B2

New Faces for the Greenback

An assignment about money. But it’s not what you think.

The American dollar, the greenback, has a picture of a famous person on the front. All these persons happen to be men. Isn’t it time for change?

  • Datum 02/11/2014
  • Opdrachtnr 121
  • Leerjaar 4, 5
  • Niveau HAVO
  • Categorie lezen, schrijven
  • Tijdsduur 15-30 min
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  • ERK B2