Internet assignment

Do the following exercises. Write your answers on a separate piece of paper or use a word processor.


A mixed bag

Most Dutch people know what is meant by terms like 'de Zilvervloot', 'de Hongerwinter', 'de Dam' 'CITO', 'Magere Hein', and so on. Such things are, as it were, built into their mindset and into how people speak.

The British also have what may be called a 'collective memory'. It manifests itself in all sorts of things, from allusions in everyday speech to information that British people automatically assume others will recognise. It is difficult to understand a culture without some knowledge of what might be called the 'wallpaper' of the British mind.

Exercise 1

Test your knowledge of British culture by doing this quiz. If you don't know the answer, go to or and increase your knowledge.

  1. What can you do with Spotted Dick and Toad in the Hole?
  2. What should you save 'for a rainy day'?
  3. What kind of films are associated with the name Hammer?
  4. Where can you see the Latin translation of 'If you seek his monument, look around you' and who do they refer to?
  5. Which eleventh-century king is said to have tried to turn back the tide?
  6. Who is the great Scottish poet commemorated on 25 January of each year?
  7. What do the following have in common? (a) Catterick; (b) Newmarket; (c) Kempton Park; (d) Doncaster?
  8. Name the three British TV comedy series containing these sentences:
    (a) 'I know nothing. I am from Barcelona.'
    (b) 'Let's go over to the Vic.'
    (c) 'Listen very carefully. I shall say this only once.'
    (d) 'You know it makes sense.'
  9. Which two Scottish football teams are known as 'The Old Firm'?
  10. What is meant by 'a dead cert'?

Exercise 2

Why do you think most British people are unwilling to have closer links with the European Union? Use complete sentences and limit yourself to a maximum of 125 words.

Are you finished? Check if you've written down the answers to all the questions. You can get a correction sheet from your teacher. Go over your work and correct the answers that you got wrong.